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Sorrento / Positano / Amalfi (from Naples)

One excursion which no visitor to Italy should miss is the beautiful drive along the Amalfi coast. You will enjoy a breathtaking view of the Bay of Naples and high cliffs of the Amalfi coast.

1-3 people4-5 people6-8 people
500 Euro550 Euro580 Euro
Duration: 8 hours

Example Itinerary


The little town of Sorrento is situated amid lemon and orange-groves on the south side of the Bay of Naples, on the edge of tuff cliffs 50m / 165 ft high rising precipitously from the sea. Walking the main street, there are many shops to sell big lemons, the aromatic limoncello (liquor of lemon) and the traditional pottery. From the seaside you will enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Bay of Naples.


A very picturesque little town extending up the steep rocky slopes above the sea, with square flat roofed houses reminiscent of the Saracen Period. Positano is one of the most popular resort town in Amalfi coast. Walking along the picturesque lanes of the town, you can find may shops and enjoy its friendly atmosphere.


Amalfi lies at the mouth of a deep ravine, surrounded by dramatic cliffs and coastal scenery. The town of Amalfi was the capital of The Maritime Republic of Amalfi, an important trading power in the Mediterranean in the Middle Age. At the top of a magnificent flight of stairs, the glorious cathedral of Amalfi, Saint Andrew's Duomo overlooks the Piazza Duomo, the heart of Amalfi.