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Baths of Caracalla & Appian Way (half day tour)

The Baths of Caracalla is a gigantic bathing establishment built by the emperor Caracalla in the 3rd century. From there, Follow "the Queen of Roads" the ancient Appian way which has the history of 2300 years.

Sedan (1-3 p)Minivan (4-5 p)Minivan (6-8 p)
160 Euro180 Euro200 Euro
Duration: 3 h.

Example Itinerary

Baths of Caracalla

A gigantic bathing establishment built by Caracalla in the 3rd C.

St. Sebastian Gate

The most spectacular of the gates of Rome, known as the Appian gate in ancient times.

Appian Way

Constructed in the 3rd C B.C, ran from Rome to Brindisi, 600km (370mi).

Tomb of Cecilia Metella

This elegant tomb of a Roman noblewoman, built in 1st C B.C.


The underground Christian cemetery composed of several stories of galleries.

Aqua Claudia

One of the most important Roman aqueducts completed by Claudius in 52 A.D.